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QuoVadis Spring Special 2016!

03.05.2016 23:03

Dear customers, friends and users of QuoVadis, our
"Spring Special 2016 Newsletter" includes the following subjects:

- New, QuoVadis 7.3 including a Compiler to create routable Offline-OSM maps
- New, download of packets with free readymade maps and POIs
- New, QuoVadis 7.3 capable of exchanging data with TomTom and Becker GPS devices
- New, QuoVadis Mobile V3 for Android and iOS now navigate with Offline-OSM maps......

QuoVadis Winter Special 2015

03.11.2015 11:43

Dear customers, friends and users of QuoVadis, our
"Winter Special 2015 Newsletter" includes the
following subjects:

- Free map for download for QuoVadis 7.2, Norway 1:50.000
- Free map for download for QuoVadis 7.2, Denmak 1:25.000
- New maps for street navigation and routing, QV HERE® 2016
- New maps for QuoVadis 7.2,  Namibia 1:50.000
- New main Release of QuoVadis7.2, Changes in DB-check and mapscrolling behaviour

10% discount for QuoVadis UPGRADES as Download!
10% discount for item "UPGRADE Europe East-West HERE® 2016"!
Introductionary offer, 30% discount on Namibia Topo 1:50.000!
.... provided, you place your order using our QuoVadis online shop......


10.06.2015 08:54

We made it: the SmartPhone/SmartPad-Trio of QuoVadis Mobile is completed! We are finally able to offer you our QuoVadis Mobile apps for iOS(iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone 8.1.....

Autumn-Christmas Special

20.11.2014 12:14

Autumn - Christmas special, Autumn season - time for planning ........


GPSQuébec, new Canadian distributor

20.11.2014 11:39

GPSQuébec, new Canadian distributor .....

QVM-Android, HERE® 2014 maps....

11.09.2014 00:52

QuoVadis Mobile Android (QVM-A), HERE®2014 maps, "game over" with Windows-XP and latest QuoVadis release, QuoVadis moved to new location....

QuoVadis Mobile

05.12.2013 12:27

We are pleased to offer you frommore ...

New maps QV Navteq 2013 and Australia 250K

28.05.2013 21:16
Dear friends of QuoVadis GPS Software,
QuoVadis Software GmbH ismore ...

New South-Africa Topo 1:50.000

08.12.2012 19:21

New map product, South-Africa topographic map 1:50.000, 1:250.000 and 1:500:000 including digital elevation-data SRTM3, seamless rastermore ...

Neue Karte, Finnland 1:50.000

27.11.2012 16:43

Neue Karte, Finnland 1:50.000,....

GPS-Kurse VHS-Nord

22.11.2012 17:09

... neue GPS Kurse der "vhs im Norden des Landkreises München e.V." in 2013

QuoVadis für Touristiker, Intensivseminar

13.11.2012 14:31

QuoVadis für Touristiker, Intensivseminar, offen für Jedermann, Veranstaltung  der TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH....

GPS Kurse, VHS Vaterstetten

06.11.2012 10:36

GPS Kurse, VHS Vaterstetten e.V. ....

QuoVadis GPS Kurs

05.11.2012 16:15

QuoVadis Kurs bei und von Naviso ....

Manual PDF

31.10.2012 23:58

New PDF manual......

Italy Western Alps 1:25K Update

20.09.2012 22:24

    The updated Version of "Italy Western Alps 25k Topo" (R10759) by "Fraternali Editore" ....


Top25/100/250 France available

13.04.2012 17:02

France IGN Top25, Top100, Top250 available again...

Reise - Know - How Verlag mapsets available again!

09.04.2012 12:44

Done!  Mapsets of Reise - Know - How Verlag are finaly available again!

New maps in March 2012

10.03.2012 02:01

Some new maps in march 2012, italian western Alpes, Romaina, Morocco, Mozambique...

QuoVadis 6 in TELOGIS Newsletter

03.03.2012 12:35

QuoVadis 6 presented in TELOGIS Newsletter ...

Login Homepage / Shop / Forum

07.02.2012 11:55

Validity of username and login from previous homepage and support forum!

Touratech-QV becomes QuoVadis

21.01.2012 17:01

For 15 years we worked together with the Touratech AG to develop the TTQV Software to be the leading GPS-navigation- and planning software and released ....