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QuoVadis 7 for Microsoft® Windows Desktop OS (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
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of geo data, automated street routing and multitracking!

NEW! Many readily compiled, offline routable OSM packages, even of remote areas, are available for
free download directly from within QV-Xplorer
, "Download Packages" database and and in QVM-A/iOS V3.
QV7 Including compiler to create your own routable OSM maps from *.pbf files to use with QuoVadis 7.3
and QuoVadis Mobile for Android und iOS!
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QuoVadis Mobile !new! for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone 8/8.1
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If you are interested in GPS-navigation, digital maps and route or trip scheduling  you are at the right place.

Our Gps-software QuoVadis for many years is deemed to be the all-rounder of the software systems for navigation, travel planning outdoor, onroad and offroad, digital maps and remote-tracking. Under “About QuoVadis” you find all information about what QuoVadis is and what it is capable of.  In the block “Downloads” you can immediately download QuoVadis and test it with all functions for 25 days. After that the demo version automatically transforms into the temporal unlimited freeware version but with reduced functions.

In our online-shop you can rummage through many interesting maps. To do this just choose a category from the menu on the left hand side or just enter for example a country into the search box on the top right. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.  

We wish you a lot of fun at our QuoVadis homepage and throughout your trips.

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QuoVadis Spring Special 2016!

03.05.2016 23:03

Dear customers, friends and users of QuoVadis, our
"Spring Special 2016 Newsletter" includes the following subjects:

- New, QuoVadis 7.3 including a Compiler to create routable Offline-OSM maps
- New, download of packets with free readymade maps and POIs
- New, QuoVadis 7.3 capable of exchanging data with TomTom and Becker GPS devices
- New, QuoVadis Mobile V3 for Android and iOS now navigate with Offline-OSM maps......

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QuoVadis Winter Special 2015

03.11.2015 11:43

Dear customers, friends and users of QuoVadis, our
"Winter Special 2015 Newsletter" includes the
following subjects:

- Free map for download for QuoVadis 7.2, Norway 1:50.000
- Free map for download for QuoVadis 7.2, Denmak 1:25.000
- New maps for street navigation and routing, QV HERE® 2016
- New maps for QuoVadis 7.2,  Namibia 1:50.000
- New main Release of QuoVadis7.2, Changes in DB-check and mapscrolling behaviour

10% discount for QuoVadis UPGRADES as Download!
10% discount for item "UPGRADE Europe East-West HERE® 2016"!
Introductionary offer, 30% discount on Namibia Topo 1:50.000!
.... provided, you place your order using our QuoVadis online shop......

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10.06.2015 08:54

We made it: the SmartPhone/SmartPad-Trio of QuoVadis Mobile is completed! We are finally able to offer you our QuoVadis Mobile apps for iOS(iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone 8.1.....

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Autumn-Christmas Special

20.11.2014 12:14

Autumn - Christmas special, Autumn season - time for planning ........


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GPSQuébec, new Canadian distributor

20.11.2014 11:39

GPSQuébec, new Canadian distributor .....

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QVM-Android, HERE® 2014 maps....

11.09.2014 00:52

QuoVadis Mobile Android (QVM-A), HERE®2014 maps, "game over" with Windows-XP and latest QuoVadis release, QuoVadis moved to new location....

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QuoVadis Mobile

05.12.2013 12:27

We are pleased to offer you from today QuoVadis Mobile.

The new member in the family QuoVadis brings you all the features for your daily navigation-needs on your Windows Phone 8.

Please click here to read all about the new version.

New maps QV Navteq 2013 and Australia 250K

28.05.2013 21:16
Dear friends of QuoVadis GPS Software,   QuoVadis Software GmbH is very pleased to be able to introduce some new mapping products to you!   Map data Navteq® 2013 more ...

New South-Africa Topo 1:50.000

08.12.2012 19:21
New map product, South-Africa topographic map 1:50.000, 1:250.000 and 1:500:000 including digital elevation-data SRTM3, seamless raster map,see here for details: QuoVadis online shop! The maps more ...

Neue Karte, Finnland 1:50.000

27.11.2012 16:43

Neue Karte, Finnland 1:50.000,....

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